Westminster was an element in a package – the Independence Pact in the British Caribbean. That pact was not about Independence; it was about preservation of the status quo. Its essential features

First, the entrenchment of property rights in the Constitution.

Second, entrenchment of the two-Party system.

Third, preservation of the laws, institutions, and symbols of the colonial state.

And fourth, alliance with the Western powers in the Cold War.

Our main concern was the retention of the Monarchy. I argue that it was contrary to the psychological necessities of nation-building that the Queen of England should be the Head of State of Independent Bahamas.

And I would argue that it institutionalised a fractured psyche of political allegiance among those who were to be responsible for running the affairs of state.

What does it do to the state of mind of the Governor-General, Prime Minister, ministers of government, parliamentary secretaries, members of parliament and of the judiciary when, as a condition of assuming and holding office, each is required to take an oath ‘to be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Her Heirs and Successors’?

The Bahamas political leaders are guilty of a cynical betrayal of the masses. We declare that we have been “Brainwashed in the British Culture”