The KGM Cyber Risk Awareness Platform

The KGM will introduce Cyber Risk Awareness tools that will allow our government to
identify the key factors contributing to and determining the overall cyber risk to our
government systems. These tools will be able to assess the enterprise cybersecurity
preparedness, evaluating whether cybersecurity preparedness is aligned with inherent
risks, determining risk management practices and controls that are needed or require
enhancement, teach actions to be taken to achieve the desired result, and creating
informing risk management strategies.

The KGM will introduce efficient and effective corporate cybersecurity training solutions
for qualified employees including a Cyber Awareness Training program to provide your
organization with the necessary knowledge and skills to help you avoid a cyber
disaster. With video-based online modules and testing, the tracking system makes it
easy for you to track and certify all of our employees’ cybersecurity education progress.

The KGM will implement top-tier quality Security Prevention services utilizing the
most advanced platform. As networks and infrastructure changes, prepare for hacks
before they ever get the chance to access our systems and data using penetration
testing, network review, email phishing testing, monitoring services, and vulnerability
management programs. 

Since a serious hack can be detrimental to not only the physical and digital ecosystem
of our government, we will utilize a preventative system that identifies and remediates
security flaws.

This powerful prevention machine based will be driven by an autonomous team of
veteran and newly trained Bahamian hackers, equipped with years of knowledge. With
the same skill set as criminal hackers, the process is simple -break into organizations
and uncover hidden and dangerous vulnerabilities that criminal attackers may use for
personal gain, or to comprise your business, with the goal of helping security leaders
harden their defenses and protect important assets.