The Commonwealth of The Bahamas

An Abridged Constitutional Reclamation and Governance Reformation

A New Vision Proposed By:

The Kingdom Government Movement


The Kingdom Government Movement sees as its sacred duty through dedicated service to the People of these ‘Isles of the Sea’, this Commonwealth of The Bahamas; to be the herald of change and at the vanguard of a new age of Prosperity and Enlightenment of a Proud and Sovereign Nation. In this regard we invite all Bahamians to join us in shaking off the last vestiges of colonialism by proclaiming in one united voice that “no Man, Woman or Child shall ever be Slave or Bondsman to anyone or their Labor exploited or their Lives frustrated by deprivation”, as it was written in the Preamble to our Constitution. It is to this end that we have donned our Mantle of Responsibility in service to our People and Country in Unveiling the Vision of what governance will be like in this new enlightened Bahamaland. We declare that the time has come for Bahamians to recognize and to change the last remnants of colonial rule that is the antiquated and elitist system which is the Westminster Parliamentary style of governance. How you may ask? By giving the Power back to the People through self-determination and real participatory governance that is continuous and de jure or legal in every sense of the meaning; and not only during election time when the political parties briefly see your value as voters. 

Wherefore we of The Kingdom Government Movement do declare that the Elitist Westminster Parliamentary and Political Party System of governance has not led us as a People into the Promised Land, has not delivered us into de jure and de facto Sovereign Nationhood; and it is our time to break the final yoke of political and economic oppression by Reclaiming our Sovereignty and Reforming our Governance. We hereby propose a new visionary path toward our ‘higher and loftier goals’; by coming to you The People for a mandate to change the status of this nation from a Constitutional Monarchy to a Parliamentary Republic. This will be achieved in the first instance by a three step process to eliminate the monarchy as the head of state in our nation. 

Constitutional Reclamation: “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s”; Escheatment es·cheat·ment v in medieval England, the reversion to a feudal overlord of the property of a deceased person when there was no legal heir or when a tenant was outlawed.

Escheatment of Monarchy and Commonwealth Realm Status: This is the initiation of the process supplanting the Monarchy of The Bahamas and All of the legal constructs that are enshrined within our Constitution maintaining this Nation as a part of The Commonwealth Realm of which Elizabeth The Second is Queen of The Bahamas. This will be accomplished by revoking our status as a member of The Commonwealth Realm, which initially may include resigning our membership as a part of The Commonwealth as well; thusly freeing this Nation from the legal laws of succession rights to the lineage of the British Monarchy. We can follow the lead of other Nations like India that have resigned then rejoined this organization. The following legal steps will be taken as a path toward de jure and de facto Sovereignty:

  1. A) Through a Constitutional Referendum invoking the voice of The People in approving the Escheatment Process by supplanting The Monarchy of The Bahamas and removing Queen Elizabeth and her lineage as our Head of State. Inclusive of All of the Instruments in regards to the execution of her power within both Chambers of Parliament and vacating offices of her representatives; hence nullifying the legal obligations in the written codex of The Bahamas Constitution. Once The People agrees to and accepts this fundamental change as a Nation, then a timetable can be set as to the timing of the transition; during which the new official Seal of the country shall replace all vestiges of the ‘Crown’ within the legal system, on documents and government buildings, vehicles etc.
  2. B) Concurrently through an additional Constitutional Referendum Decree annunciating that The Commonwealth of The Bahamas is a Parliamentary Republic; with all Sovereign rights to transform the written codex of the Constitution as a part of this Reclamation and Reformative Process. 
  3. C)  The final Constitutional Referendum Proclamation Enshrining the Office of The High Exemplar as the Head of State of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas; thusly replacing the Queen and completing the Escheatment of The Monarchy of The Bahamas. It would be deemed an affirmation given by the Bahamian People for these referendums to be passed as well as a Mandate of Reformation to change the inequality and depravation of an oppressive, outdated and stagnant governing ‘system’.

The High Exemplar: Definition; n an ideal example of something, someone worthy of being emulated, copied or imitated (literary).

We of The Kingdom Government Movement do hereby attest that through Divine Inspiration and inward consultation have put before you The People, the ecclesiastic designation of the first true Bahamian Head of State; The High Exemplar, who will replace the Queen of England and will be selected by the representatives of The People as Their Champion and Symbol of Authority in Their Sovereign Nation. As the definition suggests this individual will be exemplary and held in high esteem by the nation as it will be The People that shall select him or her to office for a term of seven years. This person shall have impeccable attributes and garnish the respect of the nation, with years of experience and selfless dedication in serving this country in whatever field or aspects that has proven the mettle of their worth.

It has been said that the office of Governor-General was chiefly a ceremonial position in regards to its functionality as the Queen’s representative, and that there were not many duties required of them; we beg to differ in this regard as many aspects of this position was necessary to approve or decide as a part of their responsibilities as it is within the codex of The Constitution. As the elected representative of The People the duties of The High Exemplar will not only continue in a reformed and restored government but likely to expand; we therefore transcribe the following visionary applications to the institute of The Head of State of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

The High Exemplar 

Head of State Nominated by The Protectorate; Head of The Protectorate, Chamber of Councils.

Chosen by The House of Providence; Protector of The People and is Seated in The Cloisonné Dias when in attendance.

Ratified by The Prime Minister/Executive and Cabinet; 

Sworn in a Double Oath Process by A) the Head of their Religious Order (Ecclesiastical) and B) by the Chief Justice of The Bahamas (Legal);

Benediction will be conducted within the Church of their religion or choice.

Title: His / Her Eminence ………..………, by the Grace of God, High Exemplar of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas; Chancellor of The Councils, Protector of The Providence; Champion of the Beneficence and Goodwill of the People and Final Arbitrator of Justice. 

Attributes: This office can Only be held by a Born Bahamian Citizen of Undeniable and Irreproachable Integrity and Character; Endowed with a demeanor of Humility and Honor, with an Impeccable Record of Service to the People of The Bahamas.

Promoted Elevation: Shall be a Bi-tiered Process; a) The Protectorate shall nominate in consultation with the current Exemplar (if in office) and the Prime Minister, three perspective candidates that fit the Attributes and b) a Special Exemplar Selection process will be held in the House of Providence with each Member of Parliament casting their vote after consulting with their districts’ Councils, with the winner by popular vote being declared. An official Deputy can be named by The High Exemplar at this time or designated by The Protectorate as a means of preparation for any unforeseen circumstances as an interim until the Promoted Elevation Process can take place.

Oath: This shall be a double oath swearing-in ceremony where The High Exemplar will affirm their covenant to serve the People under the will and guidance of God with Humility and Righteousness as this First Oath will be expedited by the Head of their chosen Religious Order. The Second Oath shall be to confirm their commitment to the People and the Nation with Dignity and Integrity in order to ensure Lawful Governance that Enshrines the ideals of Equality and Enfranchisement in ALL aspects of a True Commonwealth; to Protect and Defend the Sovereignty of The People and The Nation consistently with Clarity and Purity. This pledge will be facilitated by the Chief Justice.

Tenure: Once elected The High Exemplar is tenured for one term of seven years. If the service tenure is interrupted by illness or untimely death then a new Promoted Elevation Process would begin after the resignation of office in the instance of illness or thirty days after the passing, State Funeral and National Mourning period is concluded. During this time a Deputy Exemplar can be sworn-in to attend the duties of state.

Instruments of Office: 

  1. a) The Mantel of Responsibility – This worn instrument depicts the serious tenor of the highest office in the land and a symbolic reminder of the yoke of Oppression that was lifted off the shoulders of the People. It now represents the shining Hope of a de jure and de facto Sovereign Nation and the Resolve and Enrichment of a Royal People. 

It comprises of a Purple colored rich high thread-count stole, straddling both shoulders and coming down to a point in the back and to the knees in front. The outer boundaries of the stole shall be high-glistening gold-colored silk material, embroidered in the form of the straw venders’ coconut-palm plait-design. Mounted around the nape of the neck and attachable to the stole shall be a metallic Golden two – three inch high semi-circular collar with a flat base to fit around the neck and could be connected by a gold chain in front of the chest. This garment is the official ceremonial instrument of The High Exemplar in all manner of State Responsibilities that can be worn over any male or female formal wear.

  1. b) The Cloistered/Cloisonné Dais – Definition; cloi·son·né decorated with a pattern formed by pieces of enamel (marble) in various colors separated by strips of flattened metal, (n) decorative work with a cloisonné pattern. 

This is the Official Seating of The High Exemplar within The People’s House, The House of Providence. When at this Place The High Exemplar is at Placid Ease officiating with The Pleasure and Will of The People as Champion and Protector. This shall be the Official Seating of The High Exemplar within the most venerated of chambers and the epitome of the People’s Power. It shall be semi-circular in design positioned behind the Podium of the People’s Speaker against the wall of that Place. It shall be made of well-designed lignum vitae wood, finely finished and glossed, with gold inlays on the feet that shall be no higher than seven inches off the floor. The Seating itself shall be of durable regal padding and covered with brocaded high thread-count linen that is white in color and in the center shall be the red colored Cross that adorned the sails of the ships of Columbus The depth of the flat sitting surface shall be twenty inches in width and the back support raising no higher than thirty inches, this along with the front length of seven feet across gives the impression of relaxation and regal ease. Finally as the name suggests the Seating will be ‘cloistered’ or seemingly three-dimensionally sheltered within the Coat of Arms itself when seen from the hall. The Marlin and Flamingo shall be carved renderings placed appropriately on either side of The Cloisonné raised above the floor at the right height; the upper portion of the sails shall be bas-relieved on the wall along with the Sun and its rays at the right height just behind and above the back support of the semi-circular seat. The Conch Shell and Royal Palm-fronds shall be real objects placed appropriately and securely within the 3D mural.

Prime Executor/Minister/Executive 

Attributes: This office can Only be held by a Born Bahamian Citizen with a Distinguished Character incorporating the Ability to Inspire and Foster Unity through Graceful Judgement and Humility in Service to All Bahamians.

Promoted Elevation:  Directly Elected by The People in General Elections.

Head of Government and Leader of The Cabinet. 

Ratifies the selection of The High Exemplar.

Selects five Members of The Protectorate to be Ratified by The High Exemplar.

Consults with The High Exemplar in Selecting three Members of The Protectorate (in total) from The Church and The Judiciary.

Responsibilities and Duties.

The Prime Minister

It is the edict of Kingdom Government to contain the pervasive and polarizing antics of the political parties within the country, which means that no longer are we willing to be deceived by ‘mandates, manifestos or platforms’ given as a precursor during election season when our votes are sought after only to be forgotten once the winners are declared. The Kingdom Government Movement hereby Proclaim that the office of the leader of the government of The Bahamas MUST be a person that is Directly elected by the People of the Nation. It is time that we as a people move on from the vestiges of party politics as absolution of centralized and ultimate Power, by directly electing the leader of the government; this will coincide with the general elections and will appear on the voting ballots as the top choice in all districts and provinces. For far too long the party politics enshrined by the Westminster Parliamentary System has allowed and fostered the ideologies and oppressive edicts of political organizations or factions within them to prevail to the detriment of the nation and its people. However it is Not the intent of Kingdom Government to abolish these associations, but to limit the supremacy of their reach by giving the Power back to the People. This will also pave the way for any citizen to vie for the office of Prime Minister of the country without having to be associated with any political party.

This indeed will be another adaptation of ’Republic aspects’ within the conscripts of the ‘amalgamation’ of combining Parliamentary Democratic Proceedings; hence freeing us from having the ‘winning party’ choose their leader to run the country. The Government will be formed by the elected Prime Minister regardless of the banner of their party affiliation or whether or not that organization has the majority of seats; thereby allowing the formation of the cabinet or executive branch to be selected across party lines. It will continue to follow the Parliamentary system in permitting the Prime Minister to select members from either The House of Providence (lower house) or The Protectorate (upper house) to join his cabinet. This therefore will lead to the mandate and edict of Kingdom Government in abolishing one of the instruments of the Monarchy of The Bahamas, ‘Her Majesty’s Royal Opposition’ within The People’s House. No longer will there be divisive political contentiousness in The House of Providence and No longer will one political entity have ‘carte blanche’ to follow the ideologies and philosophies of their organizations, but conform to following the will of The People. In this regard the people will feel the freedom to vote their conscious within their districts and provinces without worrying about fearing the perceived ‘backlash’ of party inspired victimization. 

Essentially the most critical aspect of this proposed new system of governance is to introduce laws that only allows persons that were born in or has been a resident for five years to be eligible to vie for the seat available in any city or provincial district; thusly limiting the unabated influence of political party affiliations. Indubitably this is the result of decades of neglect fostered on the People by those same political parties in Not Caring and Not Listening to the People that has continuously begged them for relief, help and hope; invariably the chickens have now come home to roast and the rabbit has the gun. Added to this proposed new system of governance is the fact that the Councilors within All city and provincial districts will have the option of recall of their elected representative within parliament if their mandate is not adhered to; this of course will be a process governed by reasonable, approvable and enforceable statutory laws that will join those already on the books in this regard. 

The Executive Cabinet

Selected by the Prime Minister from Members of The House of Providence (The People’s House) and The Protectorate (The Senate).

Serves in the designated area of Government under the auspices and at the will of the Prime Minister.

Attributes: Persons selected to serve in this capacity must be dedicated to the Nation and its People, first and foremost. They should also have the Knowledge and Acumen to efficiently carryout their Mandate.

Responsibilities and Duties.

The Executive Cabinet

The Prime Minister and the Cabinet are the de jure and de facto government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, with all of the responsibilities of proper management and execution of the People’s business within the country. In this proposed new system of governance 

The Kingdom Government Movement sees a country that is more in step with the needs of the People, thus relegating the pervasive and divisive antics of ‘Party Politics’ to the background of their focus. In this new atmosphere it is hoped that a new era of cooperation combined with community and national zeal will be evident within all levels of governance and perpetuated by those enthusiastic representors of innovative ideas and

bold ideals; regardless of party affiliations. These ideals should be tempered with the knowledge that we as a nation will not come to The People’s House to ‘skylak’ or be an impediment to doing the business of the people. With no one seeking an agenda for personal or party reasons then the efficiency of meeting the needs of the People should take on a more focused earnestness. The atmosphere of harmony and cooperation must be infused within the Cabinet even if and especially if there is a mixture of people from different political persuasions; this is the job of the Prime Minister to be a person of Unity and not division to foster the right environment for those they select.

Responsibilities and Duties. 

Bicameral Parliamentary

The Protectorate (Senate) – The Upper House

We of The Kingdom Government Movement through Divine Inspiration are proposing a real and true amalgamation of aspects contained in both renditions of democratic governance used today, the Westminster Parliamentary and the Democratic Republic systems. It is the edict of this Movement to entrench the best of these democratic processes for the betterment and advancement of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas. In this regard and to that end we propose to keep the Bicameral Parliamentary alignment as the best approach to national governance, but to allow for the emancipation of the upper chamber or the Senate as we now call it, from the vestiges of party politics. It is our Prophetic Philosophy to allow and encourage The Protectorate as we call it to be fully institutionalized as an efficiently functioning upper chamber in this bicameral parliament; becoming a real Chamber of Councilors to the government and The High Exemplar. This will be done by eliminating the perceived and apparent shadow of political party agendas by how the people of this noble and necessary body are selected; invariably by widening the participation of those responsible for that process.

The Protectorate (Senate), 

 Chamber of Councilors (16 Members)

Title: Loyal Councilors 

 The Senators will now be directly elected by the citizens of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, from all districts.

 Additionally this Chamber is inclusive to persons from a cross-section of the society, such as Business, Academia, Professional and intelligentsia.

As it stands now the sixteen members of this upper chamber are appointed by the Governor-General on the ‘advice’ of The Prime Minister (9 members); on the ‘advice’ of The Leader of the Opposition (4 members) and in consultation with both The Prime Minister and The Leader of the Opposition the remaining three members are selected. To reiterate, under the proposed new system of governance being put forth by Kingdom Government, there will no longer be ‘Her Majesty’s Royal Opposition’, therefore the prospect of having the Leader of the

Opposition being a part of this new process will be a moot-point. This current procedure has been a distinct and abject failure to the functionality of this chamber and to the intent of its purpose, hence relegating it to a mere ‘rubber-stamping’ of everything government, with no teeth or independence. Under a Kingdom Government a new selection process will be employed as a means to remove the impediments from this chamber to carryout the edicts of the Bahamian People. In addition it is our Divine Mandate to involve persons from the church and judiciary to be instituted members of this chamber as an on-going matter of priority: The Senators will now be directly elected as does the Prime Minister from around the Commonwealth.

Responsibilities and Duties.

The House of Providence (The People’s House) – The Lower House

The Prophetic Philosophy of The Kingdom Government Movement has been Divinely Inspired to culminate in a most profound way in the place where The People’s Business is conducted; by ensuring that the priorities of ALL those elected are to Serve their Communities first and foremost, be dedicated to the advancement of their Country above All else then Align their political parties with those Goals and Ideals. The Time is Now for All Bahamians to Stand Up and Declare that the days of Not Caring and Not Listening to Their Wants and Needs by those organizations are Over and those who have perpetrated despair and depravation through divisive contention are relics of the past. No longer will there be a System within the People’s House where the philosophies of party politics take front seat, No more will political agendas of partisan groups or ‘special interest’ thwart the will of the People; within the House of Providence business will always be in the best interest of the nation. This will be accomplished by enacting laws that will bring to bear the People’s checks and balance in the form of the district councils of which they represent and are ultimately responsible to. This will mean that No More will Members of Parliament only be ‘seen’ in their Districts during campaigning ‘seasons’ leading up to elections, but will be mandated to have an interactive and close working conditions with their Councils. As the Councils are directly elected by the People within each district, their edict will be to bring real local governance within their areas that has a de jure (legal) conscript which will have a broader scope in de facto (real and practical). The Kingdom Government Movement do Decree that it is to this end we see a Uniting of the People to their elected representative by enshrining the Member of Parliament for each District as the Council leader of these bodies with the responsibility of conducting and chairing meetings to map out plans for community enhancements and initiate strategies for enterprising endeavors that will progress development. This visionary concept will foster an atmosphere of consensus in how real local governance is achieved and maintained; thusly it will be the mandate of the

The People’s Legislature

The House of Providence

(The People’s House)

Title: Members of Parliament

Elevation: Elected into office in a general election where the candidates are chosen in every Province and City District by the people within that jurisdiction.

Leader of District or Provincial Council: As a Result of being directly elected by the People as their MP, they will consummate that union by assuming the head of their area’s Councils.

Nominates and Selects Eight Loyal Councilors: As was previously stated the Members of Parliament will by an Approved process, conduct nominations and selections of eight Members of The Protectorate for the approval of The High Exemplar.

Member of Parliament to ensure that these bodies are efficiently operating within their constraints while guaranteeing Equality through total Enfranchisement of the People. 

Under Kingdom Government every elected Member of Parliament when they come to The House of Providence will be responsible for carrying out the intent of the People of their Districts that has been agreed upon through democratic consensus within each of their councils; verily it is envisioned that this newly proposed system will stem the unfettered influence of divisive party politics and agendas within The People’s House.

The official council meetings and consensual intent will be the documented tenement that will be presented within the House of Providence on their behalf by their representative; indubitably any deviation from this agreed upon agenda (for whatever reason) can be considered in direct contravention to the Will of The People by that Council which can have a direct consequence to that MP through the recall process. Additionally there may be certain items that are of National interest tabled within the People’s House that may require collaboration between MP and their Councils before the appropriate decision be made; in this regard we of Kingdom Government consider these instances the epitome of participatory governance by the People and for the People which Must be accommodated at the right opportunity as an affirmation of Divine Righteousness. It is through this process that the advent of a new philosophy of conducting the People’s business in the House of Providence will be manifested, by assuring de jure and de facto Participatory Governance for the People through their local government Councils then represented and facilitated by the MP’s on their behalf and with their consent. This profound arrangement allows the MP to step boldly with his People without fear or doubt in spite of the dogma of polarized party politics and the agendas of ‘special interest groups’ foreign or domestic; invariably this will also bring to light the understanding that with the genuine amalgamation of MP and District negates the necessity of ‘Her Majesty’s Royal Opposition’ as a functioning part of the People’s House. As all of the Districts and Provinces in the nation will have real representation and participatory governance through their MP’s and Councils they can be considered akin to corporations with genuine and functional checks and balances not realized in any form of democracy practiced in the world today. Undoubtedly this will foster an environment of cooperation, mutual respect and decorum to this special place, where there will be No More politics as usual, No More red, gold or green banners waving in contention across the divide and No More insidious machinations and maneuvering of hidden agendas; only the Righteous Will of a Royal People.

Responsibilities and Duties.

The Conciliar – City Districts and Provincial Administrative Local Governing Bodies

This level of Participatory Governance within the Communities of the Country is by far the ultimate and most resolute aspect of ‘giving the Power back to The People’ under the new System of Kingdom Governance, that will affirm a real Covenant with the People. It is our Divinely Inspired Vision to implement genuine internal Administrative Governance in every District within the Commonwealth of The Bahamas through Progressive Self-Determination by the People of these Communities.

District and Provincial Conciliar –

City (24) and Provincial (24) Councils

Promoted Elevation: Are Elected by the People in their Districts and Provinces for a Period of four years. That can be done as is do now independently or Party Affiliated.

Conciliar Executive Officer (CEO): The Elected Member of Parliament for every District will be the Leader of their Councils.  

Council Members: Administrator, Deputy Admin, Secretary and Treasurer, Members are responsible for administrating Local Government on a wider scale, including some tax collections, zoning, maintenance and improvements.

Right of CEO Recall 

This Bold New Concept most certainly will look Nothing like what is in place now, but will have a boarder scope in tax collection, policing and Social Development to name just a few areas. The Kingdom Government Movement sees as its Divine Edict to Inspire these bodies to care for and take charge in their Communities and be the Vanguard of change and Progress with regard to the People that put them there and the Purpose of their Service.

With this in mind as the bearing of our path we propose that these Councils be elected as they are now whether it be independently or through party affiliations, as the process must continue to be all encompassing and inclusive. However the systemic change will be in the leadership designation within these Councils as The Kingdom Government Movement understands the necessity to align and unite Local Administrative and National Parliamentary Representation and Governance. This will be done by having the elected Member of Parliament for each District become the Conciliar Executive Officer (CEO) of that body, responsible for the efficient functioning of its operations well as facilitating the proposed direction of progress for physical improvements and providing opportunities for the economic enfranchisement of the people within their Communities. The Council will have regular meetings with their CEO and detail ways to improve the effectiveness of its service to the People of their community as well as correlate united stances on national issues that are to be responded to within The House. These meetings should be documented in digital video format as well as having All conclusions and decisions signed-off on by those present as a matter of record. Additionally specified Town-Hall Meetings Must be held with the People of their Community to obtain feedback on service issues and to invite a sharing of ideas for the way forward for the Betterment of the District.