1. Spiritually Grounded: The Leadership of The KGM Accepts and Submits to the Divine Guidance of God,
The Infinite Creator as the Foundation of its Core Values. ‘To Know and Love The Supreme Being by whatever designation or concept is to Elevate an Enlightened Soul.

2. Everlasting Family: We of The KGM believe that Charity, Care and Character begin at Home. It is Our
Core Value to Rebuild and Nurture this Foundation of Society in All Aspects. ‘Real Love can only be given by
those that are Shown it and Taught to Receive it.

3. Unity through Love: The KGM Declare that We are One as a People and Nation. We Affirm to be ‘Our
Brothers’ Keeper’ in Love and Service as a Core Value. ‘Only by Uplifting and Caring for each other can We
as a People step into the Promised Land.’

4. Kingdom Nationality: This Basic Core Value is to instill a Mindset of Royalty in Our People, with the Goal
of raising National Pride. ‘Lift up Your Head Bahamaland and Claim You Regal Bearing.’

5. Selfless Service: This is a Covenant The KGM makes with The Bahamian People to Humbly Serve with No
intent of Reward or Enrichment, No need for Adoration or Praise and No claim to Entitlement or Glory.
‘Goodwill toward the People is a True Core Value from which comes Real Satisfaction.’

6. Dedicated Determination: The KGM Proclaims to Just Do what We Say we will, with the Approval of The
People. Good Governance defines Who We Are as an Organization, to be the Voice of Change and Walk the
Path. ‘The Warrior’s Way to The Kingdom is not an easy Road; A Profound Core Value.’

7. Righteous Equality: The KGM has as its Philosophy and Core Value to make the Wealth of this Nation
Common for the People Now and in the Future. ‘The Wealth of a Nation is its People, Treasure and Nurture

8. Supreme Sovereignty: It is a Core Value of The KGM to entrench the independent-mindedness of Our
People in All Aspects of Good Governance. We shall no longer bow to the Dictates of ‘special-interest groups’
foreign or domestic. ‘Break the Chains of Bondage and bow to the Dogmas of No Master.’

9. Respect and Reverence: The KGM will Foster and Encourage an Environment of Tolerance among Our
People as an inherited and historical Core Value. ‘A Return to the Graceful Etiquette of the Past towards each
other is a Goal for Social Elevation.’

10. Purity of Purpose: It is the Core Value of The KGM to Eradicate Corruption in All Levels of Government
and to Ensure that New Systems are established to Prevent Recurrence. ‘PURITY IS INCORRUPTIBLE; Justice
and Equality are the Mandate of a Kingdom Government.’