The Commonwealth of The Bahamas

National Platform – A New System of Governance

A Proclamation of Prophetic Philosophy 


The objective of The Kingdom Government Movement is to enlighten the people of this nation on its Philosophies of Governance; in that it is NOT a movement of politics with all the nefarious nuances inherent in the party affiliations that is the basis of the Westminster system. Kingdom Government is a Righteous Movement that has a Purpose of Purity to enact real and lasting Change for the benefit of the People of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, at a time when it is necessary and needed the most; it is Not a political party but rather a Paradigm of Progress. We accept this Mantle of Responsibility in abject humility with an edict of divine service to the People of this country; therefore in this regard this document shall be published as a testament of this movement’s aspirations as well as a covenant towards achieving the intent of all its affirmations. This visionary Proclamation is inclusive of some of the following Prophetic Philosophies as a part of our National Platform from which All Policies shall be developed, that will finally put this country on the road to real recovery and true advancement in this twenty-first century:

1) Prophetic Philosophy – Sovereignty is the People’s Legacy, Not the Province of a Foreign Power.

The Monarchy of The Bahamas

The Kingdom Government Movement do proclaim and attest that it is our divine mandate to seek a change in the Constitution of The Bahamas in relinquishing our status as a part of The Commonwealth Realm; thereby removing the reigning British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II as the Head of State of this country. This process would culminate in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas becoming a Parliamentary Republic with the legal (de jure) edict to elect and entitle our own Bahamian Head of State; hence parting with the last vestiges of ‘colonial-rule’. The time is Now for this country to pave its own way forward as a People and give back the trappings of a system that should have been in the ‘rear-view mirror’ of the past long ago; this will also include a Reformation of the present System of Governance.

2) Prophetic Philosophy – Give the Power Back to The People in All Aspects of True Governance.

The Westminster Parliamentary System and Party Politics

It is the Prophetic Philosophy of Kingdom Government that this system of governance that we thought was our ‘birthright’ has not opened the doors of equal opportunity for all Bahamians; invariably it as proven to be an elitist caste system that has tightened the yoke of oppression and depravity on our People. It has segmented our society along ‘economic-lines’ that has crossed even the color barrier of race to become a system of the ‘haves and have-nots’; along a divide of the rich, political elites verses the poor and middle classes. As The Bahamas moves toward the eleventh election since 1967, when true majority rule was ushered in, it is important that we take real ownership of the administration of governance in this country. It is time for the complete enfranchisement of the people within the country to have more participation in areas that matter, especially in real community governance and social development. This would allow constituencies more involvement in how and where their taxes are spent, targeting items that are essential to those communities. This would also reduce the dependence on elected officials to “remember them” and their needs after they are elected into power, which conveniently does not get any attention until the next election as the line of party politics is ‘towed’. 

It is the Philosophy of The Kingdom Government Movement that the real ‘bull in the china shop’ is the present system of party politics that has perpetuated the continued suppression of the will of the People. With total disregard for the needs and the wants of the common citizen all in the name of advancing the ideologies of the major political parties; this situation has gone on long enough with no real solutions only the continued suffering of the People. In fact we have a system of government that still have the people enslaved to the parties, politicians and their “promises” every five years. The changes in this system of governance must be lobbied by the new visionaries that present themselves as the catalyst for that transition, with broad ideals and deep convictions that can captivate the electorate. Fortunately this too shall pass, for the time is now for the raising up of a Royal People that are destined to be led into the Promised Land through the mandate of a Righteous Kingdom Government. 

Ministry of Community (Provincial) Governance and Social Development

This is a proposed amalgamation of two existing departments that can better serve our communities, Local Government and Urban renewal. This new ministry can be given a broader mandate to bring real community governance to the people, with a focus on developing the towns and rural areas in the country. The participation of residents in how their communities are developed would bring a new sense of pride and a wider commitment, to each town and island. Moreover, it would reduce the reliance of the populace on their elected officials to go to “the house” and beg for the things that they should have already had and were also promised.

The function of the ministry would be totally administrative, leaving the elected officials in the various communities to take projects to and receive proposals from the residents, as they join forces to upgrade and advance each area. This obviously means a complete and continuous line of communication with the residents through organized town-hall meetings, which would be part of the procedure to have the decisions recorded and authorized. This new ministry can be funded by the budget allocations for the present two departments, as well as a percentage of the total taxes levied and collected in those areas.

3) Prophetic Philosophy – Righteous Governance is The Purpose and The Path to Purity.

Corruption in Government

This is a taboo subject in this country, mainly because we have given these elected officials seemingly god-like status, as they are placed on pedestals and worshipped. In our eyes they can do no wrong and remain clean, pristine and totally angelic, even though evidence tabled in two commissions of inquiry have proven otherwise. Instead of jail-time being given, they are allowed to carry on with no harm to themselves and the country continues to suffer.

It is high time for the people to wake up and understand the true nature of the political animal in this country, it is, has been and will continue to be an “all for me baby” mentality for those in office. The really sad part about this situation is now that same attitude has trickled down to the bureaucracy within the ministries and now there is a “free-for-all” in the name of personal enrichment, at the expense of the country. When will it end? Who will take a stand? These are the most pressing questions to be answered, but that has to be done by a nation with the maturity to take medication for the cure. This always leaves a bitter taste in the mouth and sometimes sours the gut, but who said the road to good national health was an easy one? 

There is a saying that people get the kind of government they deserve, so there can be no pity for those that continue to do the same thing repeatedly and expect a different result. When you allow yourself to repeatedly follow the “party-line” every five years, out to rallies, quoting slogans and voting in a dog if they put him on the slate, then you are destined to reap what you sow. Instead of voting your conscience and putting in the best person for your area, even in a two party system, then you are part of the problem and not a part of the solution.

The wheeling and dealing in this country by those in all areas of government, both political and bureaucratic must be curtailed and eventually stopped, for the good of the country. Legislation must be enacted to put real teeth into the penal code for all who willingly participate in corruption, while in office or acting on behalf of the government. Now the hard part is to become patriotic, stop worshipping politicians and tell the emperor that he has no clothes on. Detection of corruption has to be given a high priority by law enforcement, with the goal of bringing justice in the name of the people, then let the chips fall where they may. 

4) Prophetic Philosophy – The Bureaucratic System Shall be the Servants of The People.

Bureaucratic Reformation

Bahamians have to demand that the model of big bureaucracies in a centralized government system has not worked for them personally and as a collection of communities since majority rule was realized. Those that were supposed to have developed, designed and implemented the systems and programs that would have put this country on track for quick advancement in this new century, have not done their jobs. The Bahamas is a small country with a bit over 350,000 inhabitants and since majority rule the civil service has continued to be increased, with government leading the way in employment. This model cannot be sustained and has become a serious burden on the taxpayer. It has become a tradition in this country for successive governments to reward supporters with nonexistent jobs in the civil service, continuing the “hand-out” mentality instead of a hand up. This has led to those within the civil service holding more allegiance to the politician and their parties than to the People whom they serve; while adopting bad attitudes and worst performance. This status quo cannot continue, the People deserve better and have been demanding it for a long time now; checks and balances shall be implemented to ensure efficiency and equality in all areas of our bureaucracy.

The bottom line, there is a vital need to increase the efficiency in all ministries while reducing the blotted civil service. As a part of the emergence of real community governance certain functionalities in particular ministries can be allocated to the Provincial Jurisdictions for direct delivery as improved service to the People. Decentralization of the big ministries to become closer to the communities would greatly increase the level of efficiency and amicable serve to the People. Another way to reduce the bureaucracy is to revisit the retirement age for the employees and to reduce the “top-heavy” status of these ministries. This will also provide a healthy environment for upward mobility for the remaining work force; naturally, this process will be a savings for the government that can be placed in other areas.

5) Prophetic Philosophy – Give the People Help and Hope, Not Depravation and Despair.

Economic Disenfranchisement

Here is a topic that really needs to be discussed openly and earnestly country-wide, as the average person has opportunities for advancement slowly diminishing over the years. The Bahamas seemingly has more opportunities for the foreigners than we provide for our own, to the point that we feel fortunate to find a job and be able to keep it until retirement. This is not what the thinking should be at this point in our country, not with majority rule solidly in place for some fifty years now. The monopolies of big businesses and franchises have not given way to the smaller man participation, the banks continue to be a major controlling factor in who can get funding for new startups and the most detrimental situation is the politicians not facilitating an environment conducive for small business startups.

Unfortunately our elected officials are the ones that are using their ejected positions to monopolize on the economic opportunities for themselves, friends and family members. The banks follow the lead of those in power to provide the short-lists for secured loans, so there are many that are being left out in the cold, because once these opportunity quotas are filled by the privileged few then there is nothing left. This chain of economic disenfranchisement that has enslaved the small businesses must be broken, by exposing this ring of sycophants, their sponsors and the funders. Again the ones that we should be able to trust with designing our economic development are the ones selling us and our country out, and they blatantly do it as a matter of course.

The people see all of this happen time and time again over the years and they have become disillusioned as to a way out, or how to transcend these conditions and realize their dreams of becoming business owners and operators. There has to be legislation enacted that curtails the obvious abuse when it comes to deals and business involvement for politicians while in office. Banks must provide a better opportunity for small startups even if certain controls are agreed upon and initiated to enhance some stability for a period of time within those businesses.

Lastly, Bahamians are innovative and industrious believe it or not, they have taken into account the road-blocks for them in our country, especially in the area of funding, so they have gone into the international arena and found funding and partners, but that has been met with the same distain by those in power. Old colonial thinking of not allowing anyone else in to upset the applecart, regardless of the project or the funding is routinely denied and rejected, leaving those sons of the soil who put their reputations on the line, embarrassed and ashamed of what we have become. It is imperative that we take the wrong kind of politics out of our economic opportunities both with local small startups and with internationally provided funding for local projects or partnerships with reputable foreign entities. This also means that the time has come for this country to take the ‘banking industry’ to the next level and become the owners of all aspects of its operations just as the insurance industry has done; undoubtedly it will not mean banning any foreign banks, but shall broaden the accessibility for Bahamian ownership.

6) Prophetic Philosophy – Through God’s Law and Grace shall The People have Peace and Placidity. 

Law Enforcement Reformation

The Bahamas Penal Code needs to be visited with an eye to cleaning up ancient laws on the books and upgrading ones that need to be. This can only happen by officially reviewing what is there and quite frankly the will has not been there to even begin this project, much less see it through. There is an immediate need for not only the modernization of our laws, but also how they are enforced, for no law can truly be respected by the people unless real justice is meted out. 

Now, here is one of the problems we face as a small nation where everyone knows everybody and the crimes are never committed by our “good sons and daughters”, we pull out all the stops to protect them even in the face of overwhelming guilt, we still cloak and covet. Sadly, this mentality has led to a serious detrition in our moral fiber and basic principles as a people, when penal punishment is only meant for others, not you and yours, then the whirlwind of crime will continue to escalate out of control. If we truly desire change in this country, then we have to grow up as individuals, as parents, families and communities and say enough is enough, to harken back to an older time and let justice be served. Our children and nation cannot be cured if we “spare the rod” and refuse to take our medicine, or continue to pass the buck on to others. There are hard lessons here that must be learned as a people and a nation, because it makes no sense complaining about crime if we are not willing to be mature enough to see justice through, especially with our own.

Additionally, it is imperative that our law enforcement system be unchained and set free to carry out the mandate of the people, to protect and serve with a virtuous righteousness. Undoubtedly that means ensuring all government influencing is exposed at every turn, as this part of a progressive society must be fully enabled to keep the peace. The government should be there to legislate, facilitate and encourage complete sovereignty for law enforcement with no interference. The people on the other hand have to abandon the old colonial mindset toward law enforcement and become a willing and able partner in achieving a safer community. Again, these are seemingly lofty goals for a people that aspire to so called first-world status, but it has to start sometime by taking responsibility in all aspects of our society and accepting our roles as true nation builders.

With that being aired, the way forward for law enforcement reformation can be done by providing upward mobility for the rank and file, this will mean revisiting the retirement age and granting a dignified process of stepping aside for senior officers while they can still contribute to the society as consultants. Enact legislation that calls for a full administrative arm of the police, which is independent of any government ministry and answers directly to the people through an electoral process for mandates of their top officers. Allow this administration to bring on civilians for the operation, thus freeing up commissioned officers to do the jobs they were trained for in the communities. This scenario allows for a change in the mindset of the law enforcement system within our country, from an old militarized one, to one of openness and acceptance of the direction being taken by the leadership. If you can imagine a new mandate being elected upon every five years as it is presented by those vying for those top positions, new visions would be slated as the needs of the society changes with time. Hence a more progressive form of law enforcement can be ever present on the national landscape, that can take into account the needs and input of the people of this nation.

This however, means that we as a people must be willing to do what we have not for generations, but still complain about and that is CHANGE. We have to do something different, be willing to entertain new ideas, be brave and mature enough to let go of antiquated dogmas and embrace the possibilities of the future. Let this generation be bold enough to show our children that we will not succumb to the same diseases of amnesia and denial that has inflicted the generations before us. It is time for us to prove that we have the will to bravely go where we should have already been, on the road to real progress and enlightenment.

7) Prophetic Philosophy – Harken to The Law of God, His Divine Will is Righteous Justice. 

Modernization of the Judiciary

Justice must not be given lip service and unfulfilled promises, but must be seen in action with objectivity and equality for all. It is a fallacy of our legacy as a society to have justice unmet or delayed for whatever reason, this cannot and must not be acceptable to a nation that wants to shed the international moniker of “banana republic”. This degrading misnomer is relegated to countries that are seen to not be serious about their laws and the apparent execution of their tenants in regards to real and true justice. If we are to be taken seriously in the pursuit of first-world status, then the system we now have must be improved to remove impediments to the execution of timely justice. 

There has to be a nation-wide discussion with those individuals that have a stake in this process, including those “lofty judges” and it must be made public, not behind closed doors. All grievances and deficiencies must be aired in a sincere and frank environment, with all egos left at the door, if we are to progress to a workable solution. Every aspect of how to improve our judicial system should be put on the table and openly discussed with an eye to the best way forward. Now comes the hard part, where we as Bahamians always fall down, following through. It makes no sense for this nation to continue to wade through the morass of our judicial system as it is and be content to maintain the status quo, there has to be a real commitment to serious changes and improvements.

This also means that as always, a deepening of the true independence of the judiciary from legislative government, with a commitment to avoid all possibilities of interference whether real or apparent. There must be however a system put in place to increase the efficiency of the present system without eroding the execution of objective justice. This should occur with an improved administrative process that allows documentation filing and recording to be fast-tracked systemically. The integrity of the judges in their essential roles as writers and issuers of the law is a vital component of our system and must be respected and protected. However, it is important that a system of accountability be entrenched to ensure that there is proper and real motivation toward timely execution of judgements in all levels of the judiciary. This can be accomplished by having agreed upon set quotas and revision of the efficacy of all judges on a yearly basis. There should be a systematic impartial review done by a board of stakeholders for all judges, so that there can be a real and agreed upon effort by all to improve this present situation. In no way should this mean that there is any impediment to the members of the judiciary or have reason to fear for their job status in this proposed review system, but to sincerely contribute to an overall improvement.

8) Prophetic Philosophy – A People can Only be Independent If they Can Truly Feed Themselves.

Agricultural Reformation

Why, after fifty years of majority rule we are still not in a position to comfortably feed ourselves if ships do not arrive at our ports on a daily basis? In fact the argument can be made that we are less able to do so now than we were fifty or sixty years ago and it may be entirely so. As a nation not enough has been done over the years to foster a mindset of using our natural resources of land, sea and sun, especially in education at the scholastic level. Much fervor and fanfare followed this area of nation building early at the beginning of majority rule, with farms and dairies throughout the country that provided milk, eggs, cheese and meat. However, those heady days of yesteryear are behind us and we are now officially the consumers of everything United States, this does not bode well for the future. Every island in this nation must be unleashed in the agricultural industry and must be prodded and guided down a path that leads to self-determination through food production; hence we must stop being snobs that look down on the regal occupation of cultivation as being below us. It is not only an occupation that is vital to national security but with the usage of modernized applications and computerization has now become more technical in its execution and operations. In this regard we may as well be honest, we can never be considered a ‘sovereign nation’ if we refuse to feed ourselves and depend on what our neighbors are willing to sell us and not allow it to be sold in their stores. Certain products we buy from these suppliers are of a lower quality from the same manufacturing plants, with the same labeling but are designated to only be sold outside of the states; couple that with the advent of product recalls because of contamination (when they are caught). Yet we still think that we are at the ‘top of the food-chain’ as preferred consumers because we are able to purchase and be supplied through the local merchant system with products from the US; this is certainly a fallacy of folly especially when you take into consideration their production methods that now includes insecticide and herbicide applications as well as genetically modified organisms (GMOs). We must stop lying to ourselves and understand that to truly be a sovereign nation or even independent, we have to become self-sufficient and make a concerted commitment to feed ourselves.

A concerted effort must be made to fully use all of this nation’s resources for the betterment of the entire citizenry, by mapping out a way forward to accomplish set goals within a timely manner. This should include how to use, where to use and when to use the people’s arable land in every island and enhance distribution methods for everything that is grown anywhere in our country. At an educational level encourage students of the merits of seeking a career in agriculture and provide the vehicles of facilitation and support for those with the commitment to be feeders of the nation. With any agricultural aspirations it should be augmented with packaging and canning facilities to reduce wastage of any produce. Any produce that does not meet the standards to make the plates of homes, restaurants or hotels should be juiced, stewed then canned as after-production items that can be sold. Another way of packaging these items is peeling, dicing, packaging and freezing as refrigerated products. All of these suggestions are meant to fully utilize the produce from our farmers as a downstream independent operation, hence providing much needed revenue for the farmers, who should be focusing on his operations and not worrying about how to market the product. Along these same lines comes the proper use of our natural resources in the form of aragonite, that is the structural base of these isles and is used the world over as an additive of fertilizer production. The government should seek out international firms that are in the vanguard of this industry to partner with or encourage Bahamian companies to laisse with and bring this operation here as the first step in utilizing this precious resource. By manufacturing fertilizers locally will actually lower the cost of importing this necessary product for the agricultural sector who can purchase the material that is made right here. 

The introduction of The Bahamas Agricultural and Marine Science Institute (Bamsi) by the government has been a step in the right direction in this arena but needs to go much further in implementation that involves all aspects of cutting edge technology in production, processing and distribution. This will involve the consumer and merchant in a fundamental way in participation with this industry and would eventually evolve into cooperation with the local and traditional farmers as a direct affiliation with the government in its development and growth. The concept of this new system in the agricultural industry is to modernize and become efficient, increase and standardize product quality through implementing scientific and technical methodology to all aspects of this industry. This visionary concept would culminate in a totally revamped distribution network that will bring the fruits of labor of this industry directly to the tables of Bahamian homes and the culinary kitchens of our hotels and restaurants. Here is the only direction left for this country as a viable option to reliably feed ourselves, increase productivity and wealth which will transform the health of the nation by growing organically nutritious foods that are free of dangerous chemical additives. 

Fishing Industry and Marine Development

The sea is the life-blood of this nation and the bounty of its depths a treasure of generations past, present and for the inheritance of our future lineage; therefore it is the responsibility of this era of Bahamians to reconcile what we do now with what would be expected of us by those that follow in our footsteps. We must show a genuine resolve to bring to bear the full purity of purpose to evolve and transform this industry from the ideally simplistic methodology of the ‘island fishermen’ catching, processing and selling his bounty for a livelihood. This arena must become the kind of national industry that not only has the potential to feed this country but the world as a whole, by deploring scientific and technical methods that will increase production, enhance economic opportunities and be ecologically sustainable as well. 

The focus in developing this industry must be in relieving the burden of the island fishermen in having to do every aspect of this initiative in order to make a lucrative living; hence the introduction of a national incentive program to provide the ‘after the catch’ processes will increase their productivity. This can be a great augmentation to the local fishermen on each island by initiating ‘at sea transactions’ for their product to ‘mother-ships’ with direct and real time purchasing authorizations. These processing mother ships would be totally equipped with state-of-the-art sanitary assembly line operations that will prepare the product for the awaiting markets in the population centers of the nation; invariably this will bring down the cost of seafood for everyone in the country. The introduction of this concept within this industry would increases efficiency, reliability, quality and sustainability, as the owners of the processing ship would recover cost of operations in the sheer volumes of product available to the markets with one trip alone. The local fishermen would become an active participant in the industry by providing his catch as an immediate available commodity via an at sea transaction to the processing mother ship, thus freeing him to return to the job of catching the fish. The mother ship will augment the operation of the local fishermen by deploying fishing vessels of their own to venture to the fishing grounds of the areas they are visiting to garnish the bounties of the seas in an ecological and efficient way.

Finally the next area of development in this arena will be to realize fully functional and sustainable ‘fish-farming’ or aquaculture ventures along coast-lines, within inlets and canals as a viable production methodology for proven species such as Tilapia (fish) and Prawns (shrimp). Research can be initiated to develop local species of seafood for cultivation in this area as salt-water reared or a hybrid fresh or brackish water reared products, with complete environmentally sustainable and stable operational processes. Every aspect of this new and innovative approach to a viable and dynamic fishing industry will have as its priority the mandate to feed the country with high quality, reliable seafood at the lowest possible cost; as well as to provide to the world the harvests of the Isles of The Seas. 

Pastoral and Poultry Industries

These industries have had their moments of acceptable viability in our country with high levels of good quality production over the last century, in what can truthfully only be termed as unrealized potential and abandoned dreams, these ventures were never reliable or remain sustainable over an extended period of time. You may ask why; and receive a myriad of answers and excuses but the undeniable result has always been a retreat to the entrenchment of a system that relies on the merchant to buy wholesale from the States and retail at a high cost to a captive nation of avid consumers. Bahamians Love their chicken and other poultry products and there is no reason why every island in this nation is not producing this essential item for local consumption, instead of waiting for shipments to bring it to their shores at very high prices. This status quo will change in a new system of governance where priority will be given to the inhabitants of every island community to partner with each other as a cooperative, or with the government directly to bring about well-managed and ecologically sustainable operations in this arena. These new operations within the poultry industry on every island will cut the dependency of these communities of waiting on shipments to bring in this essential product, which will be of better quality and at a lower cost. All excess from these operations can then be shipped out as profit to the always waiting larger population markets of the cities; the government’s responsibility in support of this concept would be to ensure good management as well as quality control in the form of regulations, inspections and technical analysis. Also to augment this vital industry certain islands will have added to their operations other products that can be used as a supplement to increase profit and variety, such as turkeys, ducks and geese. 

The pastoral industry in this country has to be given a concerted effort to become a dependable food source we can rely on to feed ourselves as a nation. Historically the husbandry of livestock such as cattle, sheep, goats and swine has been viable for periods of time but never fully sustained and maintained. It is the mandate of Kingdom Government to not only increase the production in the pastoral industry but to ensure that it remains vibrant on every island through cutting-edge livestock management and quality feed production facilities that are holistic in nutritional value. With the objective being to eliminate the use of steroids and other harmful chemical additives which are part and parcel of the foreign suppliers of our protein products now. Modernized methods of efficient and productive cross-breeding technics shall also be an employed method of finding the best-reared and most suitable animals for our climate along with the high quality in taste that we have become accustomed to. This country has been at the vanguard of the tourism sector for almost a century and the ability to not only supply the local markets with great quality protein products but to also have accessibility to the hotel restaurants as a ready-made market with enormous potential. We of the Kingdom Government Movement consider our present inability to feed ourselves as a nation in a thriving pastoral industry and to just settle for being consumers of imported food products that are suspect in what they contain does not bode well for us as a nation and will not provide a secure and healthy future for our children. Therefore it is our intent to use the land resources for the benefit of the country to cultivate a blessed abundance and the bounty of the seas as a dietary mainstay of nutrition for the health of the People that shall become an industrial treasure for the wealth of the nation.

9) Prophetic Philosophy – Serve Your Own People as a Guest is Cared for, with Dignity and Respect. 


It can be said that The Bahamas was at the vanguard of the world tourism industry for most if not all of the twentieth century and continues to be among the leading venues in attracting visitors to its shores. A lot has to do with the blessings of a tropical climate, the geographical location as islands perched atop submerged mountains bedazzling like emeralds perfectly immersed in azure seas are alluring factors; one can also insist that the welcoming embrace of a gracious people as the real reason for the success of this vital industry. To Bahamians tourism has been and continues to be an ‘economic-pillar’ of this nation, as with much success come great responsibility and commitment to maintain its luster and allure as we have done over the decades. As an industry it has done a lot for this country and we have nurtured it through educating and training our people to be great ambassadors as well as expanding the product that now includes ‘mega-resorts’ and casino gambling; however the time has come for us to rethink, reshape and  retool this industry. The vehicle of tourism of days gone by is not keeping up with the needs of the modern-day tourist and herein lays the crux of our dilemma; as it is now necessary to rethink the product being offered and realize that there can only be so many mega-resorts in any destination. It is time to upgrade that ‘old tourism-vehicle’ for a newer model with fresh ideas and thinking, like ‘niche-tourism’ which specifically targets groups and organizations in areas such as, religion, sports, business and corporations, etc. Encourage Bahamians to invest in small ‘boutique-resorts’ on the Family islands to cater to the special needs of these ‘niche-groups’ while immersing them in the quaintness and culture of these destinations as they enjoy the beauty of the sea, the beaches and the People. 

It is the Prophetic Philosophy of the Kingdom Government Movement that the industry of tourism take a new bearing in its course to move away from the old model of mega-resorts and casinos, while ushering in an era that caters to offering the Family Islands and smaller intimate resorts as unique and preferred destinations. This would of course mean a reshaping of how we market our product and target the tourist that want to enjoy the isles with their families, preferred groups and organizations but without all of the regular trappings that goes along with mega-resorts. It is also our intent to increase the cultural immersion events such as homecoming, regattas and festivals; by increasing the international exposure and the investment on each island for these venues that will include everything from junkanoo and music festivals to artwork and souvenirs along with everything else in between. It is also the vision of Kingdom Government to invest in the introduction of facilities to design and produce locally inspired craft as souvenirs at an industrial level to supply the needs of the nation’s tourist venders. This concept of going the extra step of producing as many of the items that are sold in this sector will go a long way to upgrade and retool this vital industry. 

Finally, we must come back full circle to remember and embrace our ‘brought-upsy’ in Bahamian dialect and that is to remind ourselves that we were taught how to behave, to mind our manners, to be respectful and be to our ‘brother’s keeper’. If we have lost these basic values as a people toward each other then the sad fact is we are not going to stem the tide of decline in this industry and indeed the country; since no amount of innovation and industrialization can replace humility, dignity and respect towards humanity, be they family or guest.

10) Prophetic Philosophy – A Nation’s True Industry is to Share the Natural Resources with its People.


We of The Kingdom Government Movement fully comprehend the magnitude of this vital sector of our economy and fully embrace task of changing the mindset of the status quo of ‘why produce it when we can just buy it?’ It is hard to change a ‘creature of habit’ from the comfort of their routines towards the Paradigm of Progress, to enlighten their minds and stoke the Passion of their Pride to produce and own the fruits of their labor; however we have accepted this task as the Purpose of our Path. It will only be through the courage of our convictions to this common cause and by consolidating our commitments to each other, that the epitome of sustained industrialization be realized. We must as a country understand that real independence comes from the ability to produce and supply our needs then use the emerging national wealth to purchase whatever we want to satiate our desires. 

Real industrial production in this country must not be trivialized, it must not be bargained away to foreign entities and must not be bantered around aimlessly by political parties during election season; it needs to be engaged as a national priority toward manifesting the full wealth potential of this country. It is the mandate of Kingdom Government to approach this sector strategically by initiating the most vital and sustainable industries as first priority then working down from there; additionally we intend to realize and create linkages between different industries as a means of natural connective support. As previous parts of this Proclamation has attested to the vital aspect of feeding ourselves by way of agriculture and fisheries, as well as poultry and pastoral production as the first step and the basis of national industrialization; the ensuing areas are dynamic and integrally interconnected sectors that will be pursued and initiated.

Aragonite – This industry will commence in the form of ecologically sustainable mining operations in most areas in the country that will be small to medium in size; hence allowing the production of high quality material to be harvested from the best sources around the nation. These ventures will be done at the government level and allow the participation of the People at every point from labor force to management, with the procured profits being allocated to a national resource bank in which every Bahamian has an account for an approved disbursement process. Markets for the sale of this product will be sought internationally in every aspect of manufacturing, from cement to pharmaceuticals, from fertilizers and livestock feeds to tiles, glass, cosmetics and ceramics. The need for this product will indeed prove to be a national treasure for Bahamians as we collectively reap the benefits together; additionally this new industry of aragonite mining will first and foremost be the initiation of another important industry in the country which is fertilizer production.

Fertilizer Production – This industry is a vital linkage toward the agricultural sector as it will provide the ability for us to improve the arable land in the country for sustained cultivation; it can also provide a link to the ecology of the country by enabling recyclability of organic waste directly from homes as well as municipal recycling centers. Therefore this industry shall not only provide the material to aid agriculture in the country but can also assist in the disposal of organic material that will reduce the burden on the environment at our dump-sites. It will also enhance an increased social awareness toward recycling on the whole and encourage a mindset of a cleaner environment by offering incentives for these activities; it is the mandate of Kingdom Government to enlighten the nation that cleanliness is next to Godliness that is the responsibility of each citizen and every community. After all we are a nation of isles, therefore we must find the most ecologically efficient methods of waste disposal employing the best technologies that are available. These concepts of proper waste management and using the discarded organic material as feed stock for fertilizer production is nothing new as it was a means deployed in days gone by as a natural method of compost fertilizer generation. 

Land and Waste Management

As was previously mentioned proper management of our resources is essential in garnishing the full potential of all aspects of what is necessary to improve the environment from an ecological point of view; it is a wonder that these concepts have not been incorporated into the ministry that should be responsible for it. Proper waste management is crucial for developing a healthy ecology and society, which should not be given half measures in what ought to be a coordinated effort on a national level; we are supposed to be beyond having fires at a poorly operated dump-site. By initiating technology and enforced environmental regulations waste management must be dragged into the twenty-first century on every island in this nation as a necessity and priority. This believe it or not is another industry that should not be handed out as political gifts to supporters of the victorious parties, only to allow them free reign with little or no oversights in place the time has come to fully standardize this vital industry. Under the Kingdom Government, City and Provincial governance will be the procurers of these services for their communities thereby ensuring compliance to the regulations set out in the environmental laws. The citizens must become a full partner in waste management especially in the city districts where proper sanitation services are deployed and utilized from modernized street cleaning techniques to employing garbage segregation at home for the purpose of efficient recycling methods in designated plants. As was previously mentioned in the last section all of the organic waste should be compost feedstock for the fertilizer industry as a direct and sustainable connective production link while maintaining the environment. Additionally an efficient and modernized compost operation will have one more benefit and that is the production of natural gas as a by-product, which can be compressed and bottled for sale or utilized in other industries for heating purposes.

Management of the Peoples land is another potential industry that can have a direct link to providing the feedstock in the generation of compost for the fertilizer industry. Under Kingdom Government City and Provincial municipalities will have the responsibility for procuring the services for their areas. This will mean the proper reduction of vegetative growth from streets and public parks as well as efficient removal of seaweed from beaches without the loss of sand as is done with the techniques used now. Again this vegetative material will be shipped to the fertilizer plants and become the feedstock for compost production; thusly this change in the mindset of society where nothing is wasted even garbage will lead to an increase in pride for maintaining the environment while increasing the health and the wealth of the nation. This is the vision of The Kingdom Government Movement to change the People’s mindset while introducing the best system of managing the land. Forestry is yet another potential industry that is not being properly used in the country; presently when land owners clear down their properties for construction there is no standardized methods that are used. Kingdom Government will regularize a new system to remove trees that can be used as material in the arts and craft industry instead of being burned as it is done now. In days gone by there was a logging industry on islands like Grand Bahama and Abaco where whole forests of virgin pine were cut down and shipped out by foreign companies with Bahamians having only the jobs given to them for that period of time. Kingdom Government will initiate a new vision in this arena that will be proactive in managing the People’s land on every island with the intent of tending the hard-wood trees of the forest and preserve the pines, lignum vitae and mahogany that are being lost and needs revitalization on all islands as a viable industry for the future. It will also be our mandate to initiate modern techniques in removal of downed and dead trees as a part of this new system of forestry nurturing; it is the Prophetic Philosophy of The Kingdom Government Movement to preserve and nurture the blessed flora of these Isles of The Sea.

Research and Development, with Applications in Technology and Industry – The Kingdom Government Movement will implement a new system that will garnish the best minds of the country in every discipline of science to be employed at a national level for the advancement of technology through concerted research and development with an eye toward industrial applications. It is the Prophetic Philosophy of Kingdom Government that for far too long there has been and continues to be a ’brain-drain’ of the best and brightest minds of this country because of the apparent lack of applicable opportunities. This nation has sons and daughters of the soil in faraway lands giving their best to the benefit of their residing countries; in our view this has to stop by opening up the reservoir of opportunities in the land of their birth in order to bring them home to help us rise to new heights of prosperity. It is the Prophetic Philosophy of Kingdom Government to invest in and provide the tools to initiate state-of-the-art laboratories to take advantage of cutting-edge research in areas such as computer technology and information sciences, agriculture and marine sciences, solar energy and electro-magnetic power production and distribution, material production and application sciences, natural and holistic medication sciences as well as manufacturing and industrial science. These are but a few of the areas and sectors of focus that are the initial thrust into this new system of nationally procured intellect that shall be nurtured in programs designed to take full advantage of their achievements and contributions toward building this country to make it a model for the world.

This visionary outlook on the future of where we are headed as a country leaves little doubt as to the intent of our purpose; invariably it will start with the young generation of this Joshua Dispensation who have the dreams and bright ideas that will ‘blow your mind’ but are not being heeded or understood by the older generations. We must realize that it is their time now and we should be proud and happy to facilitate those dreams and grab onto those bright ideas and not let them leave the land of their birth in order to seek their fortunes elsewhere. We owe it to them to be willing to humbly pass on the baton and not hold them back through frustration and denied opportunities, but to watch over them with pride in knowing that the future will be by the Grace of God a much better place than what we found it.