Our Leader

Dr. Sir Kevin Charles King born on January 2nd 1959 in Nassau, New Providence to Olive Louise King, and follows the ancestry of Gabriel Nairn and Ophelia Ramsey of the Cove Cat Island. He is the grandson of Alfred King of Cat Island and Maude King of Adelaide Village. He has five children Ebony, Brittany, Kristin, Katelyn-Sandra and Kai King and is married to Sharlene Colette Thompson-King.

Dr. King began his early schooling at Eastern Senior, Adelaide Primary and Jordan Memorial Primary School in Nassau, New Providence. He relocated to Freeport Grand Bahama and attended Middle and High Schools such as Mary Star of the Sea, Hawksbill Senior High and Freeport High, and West Indies College. In 1990 Dr. King was divinely inspired to take his profession into a different direction and began his studies in the medical field. He studied in Florida, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, Hong Kong, Canada, Ecuador, New Mexico, St. Kitts and Nevis, India and Australia.

After graduation from high school, he moved to Miami, Florida and began employment in the retail and food industry. He excelled in his Management positions at Kinney Shoes International Telephone and Telegraph, Veriphone Payment Systems, Orkin Pest Control, Little Caesars, Checkers and Denny’s Restaurant. Dr. King has held many management positions in various companies in the State of Florida.

Dr. King has been a Director in Rotary and was appointed and served as the first Chairman of the Environment, in Freeport’s Local Government. In 2004, Dr. King was commissioned a Pastor and Prophet to the Nations, by Bishop Sobig Kemp of Freedom International Ministries, and The College of Bishops USA. Dr. King has been a practicing physician for over 20 years and is considered the Pioneer of Natural & Alternative Medicine in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. He has been knighted by St John’s of Jerusalem Knights of Malta for his success in Alternative Medicine as well as by The Orthodox Order of Saint John for his worldwide Humanitarian Services.

Dr. King became an International Diplomat in 2004. Himself and his Credentials were presented to The Prime Minister Hon. Perry G. Christie and The Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Fred Mitchell by His Excellency Hon. Charles Henry McWilliams, of St. Kitts and Nevis.

Dr. King was elected as the Chairman of The World Organization of Natural Medicine at a World Congress Conference in Quito, Ecuador, in July of 2005, and today still holds many international positions. He has met with Heads of State and World Leaders of many countries around the world, both on Diplomatic Missions and in efforts to advance the cause of Alternative and Natural Medicines.