Re: Strategic Vision for Economic Development in the Bahamas   

Strategic Development Bahamas International will be uniquely positioned as a leading provider of structural solutions for commercial and residential structures. Additionally, SDBI will have the unique capability to provide strategic insight for economic, sustainable and alternative energy solutions for the built environment. SDBI will be committed to the empowerment of the Bahamian economy and workforce through adoption of new building technologies and associated manufacturing opportunities. 

SDBI has developed residential and commercial structural systems that will reduce construction costs, while developing manufacturing opportunities for these systems within the Bahamas. These systems will require a strong joint venture partnership between a progressive administration of the Government and the Citizens of the Bahamas. 

The systems developed by SDBI will lower the cost of construction and provide opportunities for affordable housing and create employment in the construction industry. SDBI has a multi-level approach through manufacture of construction materials, installation training and onsite installation that will require the employment of many Bahamian workers. The manufacturing facilities are compartmentalized and mobile that can be deployed effectively throughout the chain of islands.