The Role Of Millennials in The Kingdom Government Movement


The Kingdom Government Movement will implement a new system that will garnish the best minds of the country. Every discipline of science to be employed at a national level for the advancement of technology through concerted research and development with an eye toward industrial applications.

 It is the Philosophy of Kingdom Government that for far too long there has been a ’brain-drain’ of the best and brightest minds of this country because of the apparent lack of applicable opportunities. This nation has sons and daughters of the soil in faraway lands giving their best to the benefit of their residing countries; in our view this has to stop, by opening up the reservoir of opportunities in the land of their birth in order to bring them home to help us rise to new heights of prosperity.

 It is the Philosophy of Kingdom Government to invest in and provide the tools to initiate state-of-the-art laboratories to take advantage of cutting-edge research in areas such as computer technology and information sciences, agriculture and marine sciences, solar energy and electro-magnetic power production and distribution, material production and application sciences, natural and holistic medication sciences as well as manufacturing and industrial science. 

These are but a few of the areas and sectors of focus that are the initial thrust into this new system of nationally procured intellect that shall be nurtured in programs designed to take full advantage of their achievements and contributions toward building this country to make it a model for the world.

This visionary outlook on the future of where we are headed as a country leaves little doubt as to the intent of our purpose; invariably it will start with the young generation of this Joshua Dispensation who have dreams and bright ideas that will ‘blow your mind’ but are not being heeded or understood by the older generations. We must realize that it is their time now and we should be proud and happy to facilitate those dreams and grab onto those bright ideas and not let them leave the land of their birth in order to seek their fortunes elsewhere. We owe it to them to be willing to humbly pass on the baton and not hold them back through frustration and denied opportunities, but to watch over them with pride in knowing that the future will be by the Grace of God a much better place than what we found it.