Creating a Culture of Accountability and Transparency through Technology

To the Bahamian Citizen Privacy is becoming an important and valued part of our culture, yet so is
Accountability and Transparency, therefore we in the KGM on becoming the next government of The
Commonwealth of The Bahamas will create the Bahamian Citizen Portal.  The Portal is an encrypted
information sharing platform where each Bahamian entity (person, business or institution) can choose
to own (exclusively control), keep and share their important information. 

This encrypted information is authenticated by others yet owned and controlled by only you.
For example, your employer can authentically share your private encrypted income information
with you and your designated bank (for payroll purposes), but you do not need the either
entity’s permission to share this information in a secure way with any other person or entity.
You would tell the platform to generate a temporary share/view code (or share/view link) for
the person for that specific information.

For Governmental entities the authenticated transactions outside their departments could only
be made private by legislative mandate or judicial edict (maybe for security or public safety
reasons), thereby enabling any Citizen complete transparency into the use of tax monies.
For Training  Education, a complete authenticated, encrypted record of your educational and
work achievements (projects, certificates and or degrees – with courses) could be stored in the
platform, available for any potential employer to review if provide a share/view code by you.

 For Employers, a complete authenticated, encrypted (or non-encrypted) job description w/skill
requirements, for each available position could be stored and maintained. This would provide
transparency in hiring decisions for those employers desiring this level of transparency.
Immigration services on this platform will eliminate fraud and provide a corruption free
environment. This platform therefore, will transform and revolutionize current immigration
services, both by increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of the services
through every stage process.

The KGM possesses these technologies that are available for creating personal “ledgers” for all of the
information you choose to keep private or share.  These technologies can be used in the portal to enable
the rebuilding of public trust in our society, our government, our education system, our employment
systems, and each other.

Bahamians will now own their personal digitalized information and personalized and encrypted
digitalized copyrights.

Governance: Stewardship and Accountability – Focus on Constituent/Citizen Experience
KGM Stewardship: the conducting, supervising, or managing of something; especially: the careful and
responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.
We (KGM) Strive to be good Stewards of The Citizen Experience – In Every Community Citizens Want To:

• Live freely and safely – shelter and property
• Play – basic socializing and “belongingness”
• Work – employment and financial security
• Shop (get the things needed for day to day
living) – clothing and “security of resources”
• Educate – prepare everyone to contribute
• Worship – self-actualized social being
Accountability – Describe exactly how you (as a member of the KGM Administration) Manage, Measure,
and Report on your impact on the citizen experience – Using the Citizen Experience as the Lens through
which everything is viewed
• Describe HOW YOU Manage, Measure, and Report YOUR Department’s Mission Stewardship
(usually implied by your departments name): The management of your mission / baseline
charter in alignment with organizational Mission/Vision/Strategy
• Describe HOW YOU Manage, Measure, and Report YOUR Fiscal/Legal/Regulatory Stewardship:
management of the budget and physical resources – contracts, accounts, equipment, spaces,
• Describe HOW YOU Manage, Measure, and Report YOUR Information (Data) Stewardship:
management of information resources – accuracy, security, relevance, availability, etc.
• Describe HOW YOU Manage, Measure, and Report YOUR People Stewardship: management of
people resources – training, engaging, developing, coaching, etc.
We will utilize the citizen portal to provide on-going feedback to each department on how their
activities impact the Citizen experience. Laws and regulations exist and must be followed, but are they
being used to optimize the citizen experience from the citizen perspective.
This is how we (and you) will KNOW we are doing the right thing, at all times, in all matters. The Portal
will serve as a real-world manifestation of the KGM National Platform-A New System of Governance
and a means of realizing all of the elements therein.